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For Our Need-Food-Fast Moments

Welcome to the easy recipes page.

There are times when we are all so busy we barely have time to feed ourselves. Sad, but true, right?

Many of us are also probably guilty of eating less-than-healthy meals just to keep up with the fast pace of our lives. Well, sandwiches can be a great solution to helping you get something healthy quickly.

Most sandwich recipes are easy to make on their own, but here I've put the simplest recipes from this site, with the simplest ingredients, together on this page. I've tried to make sure to keep the prep time - chopping veggies, cooking ingredients, etc, to a minimum.

If you have more than 10 minutes to prepare something, then feel free to browse more of the recipes on this site. But the sandwiches below can be made in just a few minutes. I want to make it easy for you to get the nutrition and energy you need asap.

No more vending machine lunches! (I was so guilty of that in college.)

With the fast pace of our lives nowadays it's so tempting to eat junk food to keep up our energy throughout the day. But sandwiches are such a superior alternative. They are well balanced with most, if not all, of the food groups combined in one dish. They're incredibly tasty and satisfying. And, of course, you can take them with you if you're on the run!

See the collection below for my favorite, and simplest recipes on this site. Be sure to check out our healthy sandwiches for options as well.

I hope you enjoy one of these sandwich recipes as your next quick and easy meal.


If you're in the mood for something other than sandwiches, take a look at this collection at Easy Recipes for Frugal Living as well. (It will open in a new window.)

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