Egg Salad Sandwiches are a classic favorite!

Egg salad sandwiches are a classic, easy-to-make wonder. They have been a staple of American summers for as long as there have been summers.

These sandwiches are fantastic for a multitude of reasons. They are easy to make. They taste great (or at least most people think so.) They are high in protein. And they are cheap!


The sandwich was originally invented in Sri Lanka in 1808 by a British governor who was trying to find a way to add flavor to the local eggs... Just kidding! My husband and I made that up.

We don't know who invented it, and we haven't been able to find anyone that does! So if you have any clues to this sandwich's origin, please send us an email!

= = = = =

Anyway, this is a great sandwich and it can be as simple, or complex, as you want it to be.

Simple versions call for just eggs and mayonnaise. On the other end of the spectrum, you could decide to make a delicious fancy sandwich using as many as 15 ingredients. It's your choice.

What version my family makes depends on our mood.

Simple or Fancy; how are you feeling today? We have recipes for both, and all in between - with more to come soon!

Here are some of our favorites.


*For anyone worried about cholesterol, you can make these recipes using only the egg whites. Just be sure to use a few extra eggs to make up for the missing volume.

egg salad sandwich recipes

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