Ham Sandwiches

Ham sandwiches seem to have been around since the beginning of sandwiches.

Okay, that's not technically true, but it does seem like when someone thinks of a "standard" sandwich, ham is one of the first to come to mind, isn't it? That means there are endless possibilities of tasty sandwich recipes to be found out there.

Like chicken, it is an incredibly versatile meat. It has a rich and strong flavor, but it still goes with nearly anything. It's great with savory, spicy or sweet flavors. Smoked, cured or baked, it is one tasty meat. It is awesome when sliced paper thin, cubed in a salad, or even in thick pieces from a roast.

What is the difference between ham and pork, you might wonder? Pork is the meat you get from a pig, but ham has been treated with salt, or a salt brine, and then cooked. That's why ham tastes salty on its own. It almost tastes like a completely different meat than pork. That's why it gets a category all its own.

Below are several recipes for you to try for ham as your main ingredient.

Do you want a ham and cheese melt? Maybe a classic ham and cheese? Ham on rye? Ham on ham with ham and ham toppings!?

Well, this site has the best of all of those recipes, and more (except for that last one.) I hope you enjoy my favorites listed below. More to come soon.


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