Turkey Sandwiches

Turkey! Turkey! Tuuuuuuurkey!

Turkey sandwiches are one of America's favorites. And turkey - what a fantastic meat! It's loaded with protein. It's lean. And it has more flavor than chicken. It's also chocked full of tryptophan.

What's tryptophan, you might be asking? Well, it's the amino acid largely responsible for the Thanksgiving Dinner Effect. (Along with the amino acid L-Tyrosine, also found in turkey.)

You know the effect I'm talking about - the one where all the gluttons in the family fall asleep right after dinner. ;) I've been known to be guilty of that myself... (I bet you thought they were just trying to get out of doing dishes, didn't you?)

Anyway, all joking aside, it has a real relaxing effect. It has been found to help you sleep better, elevate your mood and help regulate your appetite.

If you are feeling a little stressed, why not try a turkey on whole wheat bread sandwich? It will help you relax, and is also the perfect balance of protein and whole grains to keep your blood sugar stabilized.

Or, you may just give one a try because it's a healthy, tasty sandwich!

Whatever your reasons, below is a wide range of recipes listed for you to try. For these recipes you may use any form of turkey that you like. I use left-over Turkey meat during the holiday season, but during the summer I use deli turkey meat. There's even smoked turkey meat in the deli sometimes. They are all incredibly tasty. Enjoy!


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