Tea Sandwiches

Enjoy the little things.

Tea sandwiches are tiny, tasty, and nearly bite sized. You can eat them at tea time, snack time or party time. They are the multi-purpose bite-sized sandwich that are especially easy to make, and to eat, too!

Now I know what your thinking-

“What’s all the silliness with cutting off the crusts? Who ever started that in the first place?” And more importantly, “why??”

“What did they do with the left over crusts,” you ask? Well, let me ask you a question that might blow your mind…

What if it were the middles that were left over, and not the crusts?

What if someone were following a very important recipe long ago, and it called for bread crust? (A recipe something like croutons perhaps?) So they had to cut the crusts off from a loaf of bread and make their dish? Afterward they probably found themselves stuck with a big loaf of crust-less bread and they wondered to themselves, “What am I going to do with all this middle bread?” So they buttered some slices, added a few slices of cucumbers, and ta da! These tiny adorable sandwiches were born!

Well, that’s likely not how it actually happened, but it’s fun to imagine!

Let’s take a look at some of our favorite recipes below. Use them for when you’re expecting guests, parties, on the go, or to treat yourself to some afternoon tea.

Tea Sandwiches

Tiny, mini sandwiches meant to eat as a side dish with tea.

Sarah Dawe 25 Recipes
Beginner Cucumber Sandwich The cucumber sandwich is the quintessential tea sandwich. It is the first one to come to mind when speaking of tea sandwiches. Read More
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