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If you love sandwiches (like I do!) - or even if you just like them from time to time, this site has everything you need to know about sandwiches.

Throughout this website you'll find all sorts of sandwich recipes, from classic staples to exotic varieties from around the world - recipes like the down home Chicken Salad Sandwich to the ultra delicious Japanese "Ichigo" Strawberry Cream Sandwich recipe. (Your kids will love this one!) You'll also find hints and tips to make sandwich-making easier.

Wichever sandwich you are looking for, this site has a recipe for you - from the quick and simple, to the complex, meant to impress. Take a look at the categories to the left (or right!) to help you decide which sandwich you'd like to try today.

Really hungry? Try a decadent Monte Cristo Sandwich.

Want something a little lighter? Go for a Healthy Turkey Sandwich, or maybe a Caesar Chicken Wrap for something healthy to satisfy your hunger.

Feeling adventurous and want something new? Take a look at our International Sandwiches.

Many of our recipes have optional alternative ingredients listed. And if you want to make your own twist, these recipes are open for experimentation - go wild! You can't really go wrong with a sandwich. There are endless possibilities for combinations of toppings, sauces, spices, breads, etc in sandwiches. That's my favorite thing about them - I never get bored. :)

Ready to get started? Have a look at our recipes by clicking on a category to the left, or on a photo to the right.


I'm always looking for new recipes to add to this site. If you have a favorite recipe you'd like to share, please Contact Us and send it along. (I love trying new recipes!) You're recipe could be posted and featured on this site!


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Chicken Sandwiches
Chicken sandwiches have such a variety - try a few of our recipes to see for yourself!
Easy Recipes for Sandwiches
Most sandwich recipes are pretty easy to make already, but this is a collection of the easiest of easy recipes. Need something to eat fast? Take a bite of these quick and easy sandwiches.
Egg Salad Sandwiches
Try an all-American favorite! Egg salad sandwiches are easy, inexpensive and so delicious!
Ham Sandwiches
If you'd like something savory, take a look at our recipes for Ham Sandwiches!
Healthy Sandwiches
Eating healthy sandwiches is an incredibly easy way to eat right and feel great. You can get loads of vitamins and nutrients, and even eat all of the food groups in one dish - a sandwich!
International Sandwiches
Come with us on a journey to discover international sandwiches and recipes from around the world!
Melts are a fabulous creation - these sandwiches are tasty, savory and delightfully cheesy!
Tea Sandwiches
Tea sandwiches are cute little finger foods that are super simple to make for any occasion. See our favorite recipes here!
Turkey Sandwiches
Light and fresh - Turkey sandwiches make a great healthy choice for any meal.
Vegetarian Sandwich Recipes
Vegetarian sandwich recipes are very easy to make - and super tasty! Try a healthy veggie sandwich today.
Wrap Recipes
Wraps are an alternate style of sandwich. Bored of the same old two-slices-of-bread sandwiches? Jazz it up and check out these wrap recipes.
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