Sandwich Wrap Recipes

There are a great many delicious standard two-slices-of-bread sandwich recipes on this site, so I thought I would take some time to mix it up a little and give you several tasty sandwich wrap recipes.

"Sandwich wrap?!?" I am sure you are wondering. (I tried to slip it past you, but it's obvious you are too clever for that.)

I believe that wraps qualify as sandwiches.

I mean, a tortilla is unleavened bread, right? And what would you call some sort of inner food and toppings with a form of bread on each side of it? ...A sandwich, perhaps?

See?! There's proof! They are sandwiches. I will make sure to inform all of the food-semantics-based academic journals about this one.

And what about pitas? And even burritos? Or Fajitas? There are so many options!

There is something amazing about the way the flavor of a sandwich changes so significantly depending on the bread, or wrap, you decide to use.

Feel free to take any of these recipes and change the bread to be anything you like. Sometimes I'll make a sandwich with Rye or whole grain bread, and the next time I may change my mind and decide to substitute the bread with a sun-dried tomato tortilla.

Anyway, wrap sandwiches are delicious, so I wanted to share my favorite recipes (even if I did have to do a little shoehorning of the topic to fit this site.) I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.


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